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Me and my boo~


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Drawing chibi sketches always make me feel happy and cutesy (o^^o) #sketches #school #anime #chibi #durarara #izaya #shizuo

So cute!

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I guess those croquettes really are made of everything

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"My fellow Drug Dealers…"

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This fucking guy.

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Song: I want to know

Artist: 澤野 弘之



I now know what this song is about. The moment she breaks his heart.

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for potato !!!!


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Hello, everyone! It’s my first giveaway!

Keys to 221B donated by the lovely yoshiwara. A link to her etsy can be found below.

  • You do not have to be following me to enter. 
  • Reblogs and likes count. (I’ll be using a random generator.)
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The Giveaway will end March 29th. I will announce the winners the following day, March 30th. Items sold can be found on my Redbubble and Society6. The Keys to 221B can be found at yoshiwara's etsy.

Feel free to send an ask if you have any questions. Good luck!

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Tightest Crew Ever!

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Had to help clean the photography room, don’t want to get two of the three precious things of my life dirty ~ ❤️ #cleaning #rings #important #boo

My boo is too cute~

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"John is still, he’s stoical, he’s very watchful, he’s very very strong-willed, a strong-minded person, he’s not easily flappable…he saves lives and can kill people. He doesn’t do a lot of vocal flourishes, he doesn’t do a lot of showing off, it’s just he’s still in a way that I envy about some men. He’s got a real strength to him.” (x) - Martin Freeman


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Went to Disney with my girlfriend.

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Nautilus - Chapter 4: No Rest for the Wicked

Sarah’s legs gave out under her and, had it not been for the fact that Alex was holding her up, she would have passed out on the ground. “Trinity Hospital is just a short distance from here, they’ll get you patched up in no time” announced Alex as he picked Sarah up onto his back. “Sorry to be such a burden Alex…” Sarah whispered shamefully. Alex smiled to himself and replied, “There’s no such thing as a friend that’s a burden.” The crowd, or mob as Alex saw it, stopped and watched as he carried his wounded friend into the hospital, and the second he put her down so that the nurses could attend to her, he was bombarded with questions; “What happened?” “Are you okay?” “Will she be alright?” he heard the mob ask. To their dismay, Alex was too busy thinking to answer their questions. To him, something didn’t add up. “The light train systems are the veins of Chimera City, because of this, there are NP hangars in-between light train stations, there’s just no way the NP could not respond! It makes no sense!” “What makes no sense?” asked a man wearing a grey officer’s uniform and cap. Alex was so caught up in his thoughts the he didn’t realize that he was mumbling his words out loud. He looked at the officer; the cap had a black encrusted eagle, there was a shield, which had “NPCO” imbedded into it. The man himself had piercing red eyes, rare even in this day and age. He also had white hair that was cropped short and skin as pale as the white hair on his head. The officer spoke again “It’s rude to stare young man.” Alex remained silent and looked away from the nameless officer.

The man chuckled and turned to face Alex “You’re probably wondering why the NP didn’t show up to handle the situation” Alex’s whole body twitched “Who are you” he blurted out. “That doesn’t matter at the present time, however you may call me Sid” “If you knew what was happening at the light train, why didn’t you send the NP!?” Alex roared. “To put it simply, we didn’t need to” Sid replied calmly. Alex was dumbstruck “Excuse me?” he asked stupefied. “We knew about the attack, and by the time we got into our mechs and got our green light, you already took care of the situation.” Sid explained, pointing at Alex. He stood up and turned towards the door. “Wait!” Alex shouted. “If you know about the attack, then you must know who executed it!” Sid spoke without turning, “You don’t know? Even when you took a picture of their insignia?”The hospital lights flickered and Sid mysteriously vanished. “Alex, hun? What are you starring at?” asked a voice from behind Alex. He turned around to see who called his name and realized that it was Sarah’s mother and father. “Hello Mr. and Ms. Harper” Alex said shaking both of their hands. “Come now Alex, you’re practically part of the family, call me George.” Alex smiled “Alright then George, follow me to go see Sarah,” he lead them down the hall and into Sarah’s room “Oh we can’t thank you enough for bringing here her Alex, are you hurt?” asked Ms. Harper, “No no, I’m quite alright Beatrice” Alex replied smiling. “I’ll leave you three alone” he whispered and left the room. Alex reached into his pocket and took out his phone, dialed a number and placed in to his left ear.

On the third ring, a voice answered, “We don’t want any!” “That how you talk to your mother?” replied Alex laughing. The voice on the other line laughed, “Naw bro, just eating shit, and you know me, what’s up?” Alex chuckled “Nothing much. Jake, I need you to find something out for me.” “Oh? What is it?” Jake asked. “I need you to find out about Syndicate of Spheres.” Alex paused for a second then added, “Also, I need you to find out about the recent attack on light train 36” Alex could hear typing coming from his phone then heard a faint “what the hell?” “What up dude? Find anything?” Alex asked.  “No, nothing, this attack doesn’t exist” Jake replied a little frustrated. “Do you think the Imperial Union is hiding it from the media?” replied a confused Alex “That wouldn’t stop me, or other people like me from finding it and spreading it, if it’s not on the net, then it either didn’t happen, or it’s on a ‘need-to-know’ basis deep within IU” Alex thought for a moment, then shook his head “nah, that’s crazy” he thought. “Alright Jake, thanks anyway, if you find something, meet me at N.A.P, I’m going to become a Nautilus Pilot.” “You know it Alex, nice talking to you. Peace.” Alex heard a click and he put his phone away.

He put his hands in his pockets and headed towards Sarah’s room; he was too busy thinking to notice that her parents passed by him. “Hi Alex!” Sarah shouted the second he walked through the door, snapping him out of his thought. He smiled and sat on the edge of her bed. “I see you’re feeling better, even your skin is back to its original color” he said not noticing he was still smiling. “Yup” she replied. “If you wait a little longer, I’ll be getting out today and you can carry me home!” Alex laughed “You plan on milking this for all its worth, don’t you?” “Of course! I got shot remember?” she replied giggling. “Does that mean I won’t be able to sleep tonight?” “I can make space on my bed you know…” Alex chuckled, “Uh huh… I don’t think that will be necessary.” Sarah began to pout and mumbled to herself something about Alex being a party pooper.


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